Volantis Infratech

About us

Our Expertise.

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Company History

Volantis Infratech is a part of a group with diversified business interests in Information Technology, Software outsourcing, Consulting, Real Estate-Commercial and Residential, Interiors etc.

Volantis Infratech (P) Limited is a leading facade fabricator providing PAN India turnkey high quality facade engineering and designing solutions. We are in the forefront of architectural innovation with façade engineering solutions, design expertise, and manufacturing capabilities.

Our refreshing and dynamic approach in creating innovative facade solutions carry a reputation for transparency and integrity in all our projects. Our areas of expertise are turnkey projects, Interior Facade, Point fixed glazing, Glazing, ACP, Tension Rope System Door and Windows Stone cladding, GFRC, etc.

All of Our Customers Trust

Their Success To Us

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Team is our Strength

We are a team of qualified experienced Engineers with diversified knowledge of almost all aspects of FACADE works. However, all the members of this team have a reasonably sound knowledge in their field of work and have worked in past with reputed organizations from FACADE Contractors to CLIENTS.

We take pride of our team with an unbeatable experience in the field of interior and exterior facade system having completed many prestigious projects, corporate office buildings, multiplex, residential buildings etc.

Why Choose Us

We have incorporated very robust and advanced manufacturing methodologies which enable us to stay abreast with the latest technology changes in the industry. Over the last 15 years we have developed an envious reputation as the best façade consultants and engineers,

Our services include glazing for glass, aluminium and steel systems including windows, curtainwalls, canopies, balcony railings etc. We have successfully engineered and delivered various complex projects all in glass facades, glazing systems, ultra-tall storefront systems across India.

Volantis Advantage is our distinctive engineering prowess which makes us the favourite with our clients with :

Superior Design and engineering in fabrication.
Strict on-time delivery policies.
Implementation of Safety, testing, and quality protocols.
Quality assurance.
State-of-the-art infrastructure.
Progressive project coordination and administration.

Quality and Security

  • Good quality and design, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction have always been our priorities. We constantly use innovative technology and improvise our Quality Management System to give you the best.
  • The quality of the work and workmanship by our team is assured by our regular inspection and real-time strict field testing policies. Strict inspections are incorporated along with monitoring as well as verifying glazing systems, structural and weatherproofing components (glass, framing, anchorage, sealants, etc.). We ensure the installation is in compliance as approved by the clients including shop drawings, calculations, test reports, and product approvals. Mandatory field water infiltration and air infiltration testing is also undertaken to confirm performance of the outcome. The quality of the installation and workmanship by the building contractors (roofers, water proofers, painters, glazers, etc.) is assured.
  • Inspections include monitoring key items such as surface preparation, materials used, and procedures followed, as well as verifying that glazing systems’ structural and weatherproofing components (glass, framing, anchorage, sealants, etc.) are installed in compliance with approved documents including shop drawings, calculations, test reports and Product Approvals.
  • Field water infiltration and air infiltration testing help confirm the proper performance of the overall components, whether they are glazing systems or horizontal waterproofing surfaces. Through testing we can help discover and identify performance issues which cannot be determined through visual inspection alone.
  • Through structural engineering and building envelope consulting, inspection and testing we strive to safeguard the life-safety of the end user and the protection of property. Through energy efficiency and user comfort consulting we seek to reduce the impact on the environment and to ensure the comfort, health and happiness of the end user.

Social Responsibility

  • We believe that being socially responsible means people and organizations being ethical and sensitive towards social, cultural, environmental and socio-economic issues. We strive for social responsibility and adopt positive initiatives to contribute towards our society.
  • At Volantis, we endeavour to fulfil all our environmental obligations and commitments toward being responsible global citizens. We take environmental consciousness as an integral part of doing business. Our eco policies not only indicate positive environmental stewardship, but also present business opportunities such as innovative projects and methods in renewable energy and sustainable greenery.
  • Volantis Infratech recognizes its responsibility being a responsible corporate to assess and minimize the impact of its business activities to reduce environmental impact and protect the eco-systems, while advancing economic development.
  • We have also been working on various initiatives to support under-privileged children requiring special needs.